The first 10 apps you should install on your Samsung Galaxy S7

Fleksy (£free)

Fleksy is a very handsome, highly customisable keyboard with a lovely minimalist design which matches the understated Galaxy S7 rather nicely. Some of the themes are a little gaudy, but we trust you’ll go for the more sophisticated ones. While it doesn’t support swiping from key to key like SwiftKey or Swype, it does support gesture controls to cycle through suggestions or delete words easily, making it the best smartphone keyboard for traditional typists.

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Chameleon Run (£1.67)

This 3D autorunner blends simple-yet-challenging gameplay with gorgeous visuals. Time your jumps from platform to platform, but remember to change your colour mid-jump to match where you’re landing - unless you want to lose, that is. The basic controls make it a great time sink when you’re faced with yet another delayed train, and the colours look bright and punchy on the Galaxy S7’s vibrant screen.

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Beneath the Lighthouse (£free)

There are few polished games out there which are designed to work fluidly using just a single thumb, but this charming retro-styled platformer is one of them. The objective is pretty straightforward - rotate the map to help your little round friend progress through the levels, while avoiding dangerous obstacles and spikes. The 5.1in Galaxy S7 should be comfortable for one-handed play for most people, while still providing plenty of screen real estate to avoid squinting.

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Infinite Design (£free)

If you’re one of those creative types that are forever scribbling on napkins or doodling on coffee cups then you’re going to want to kit out your Galaxy S7 with this supercharged design app. It’s loaded with enough brushes and tools to make the DIY SOS team look underprepared, and you can make some genuine masterpieces on the S7’s generously sized screen. Ignore our efforts above - we don’t art too good.

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Netflix (£free)

If you’re a Netflix subscriber then you’ll definitely want to get in on some pocketable movie and TV show action. The Galaxy S7’s 5.1in 2K display is more than up to the task of serving up crisp visuals without making you overstretch your fingers, and its deep blacks and rich colours make everything from House of Cards to Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe a pleasure to watch.

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