Father’s Day Gift Guide 2018: 20 gadget gift ideas under £50

Amazon Echo Dot (£40)

If your dad’s an accomplished technophile, he’ll have no trouble getting to grips with the voice-controlled cleverness of Alexa in her diminutive Dot form – from firing up Spotify playlists to ordering an Uber down to the Dog & Duck for a pint of Macca’s Best. If not? It’ll be all kinds of entertaining to watch him heckle her as she fails to respond to commands such as, “Alexa, when should I put the bins out?” and “Alexa, please get the beetroot stain out of my new linen shirt before my wife gets home.”


T-Lab 66 tee (£34)

Dad bod or not, squeezing into a replica kit is rarely the best look for World Cup watchers. Give your old man the gift of subtlety with this understated footie polo from T-Lab. Available in red or blue, a simple embroidered ‘66’ below a ball is your only clue that this organic cotton top is backing England for the win this summer. Classy among friends, it’s subtle enough to be wearable even after the inevitable knockout.

Buy the 66 tee from T-Lab here

Amazon Fire TV Stick (£40)

Time was, you were lucky to find one VHS you could bear to watch from the shoddy offering down at the corner shop. Ah, how times have changed: stick this HDMI stick into a spare slot on your box and you’ll have Amazon’s entire library of films and shows to stream right on your telly – not to mention Netflix, iPlayer and the rest, with Alexa along for the ride, too. It might just be enough to make you forget the countless hours you lost searching for the right SCART lead back in the day.


Knomo Solo Power Pad (£40)

How better to show your gratitude for that scar dad ‘accidentally’ gave you when he shut the fridge door without looking than by cutting his smartphone cable. Once the warm glow of revenge has worn off, you can make like it was all on purpose by gifting him this wireless charger from Knomo. Slim and fast, it’ll juice any Qi-certified handset in a jiffy, before doubling up as some kind of post-modern pocket square. Maybe.

Buy the Knomo Solo Power Pad from Knomo here

Anker PowerCore 20100 (£31)

How do you make a power bank appealing? Wrap it in fluorescent vinyl? Add ten USB ports and Wi-Fi connectivity? Put an ‘X’ somewhere in the name? No, you give it a massive capacity that can charge a smartphone more than five times over, add a 4.8A output that’ll slash charging times and ship it with a travel pouch. Then you call it PowerCore.