Father’s Day Gift Guide 2018: 20 gadget gift ideas under £50

Father's Day is this weekend. Stuck for ideas? Look no further...

How good are dads? Ferrying kids to after-school clubs. Taking back-garden kickabouts just a little too seriously. Mowing the lawn like they’re Bear Grylls.

Of course, mums do all that stuff too. In fact, we’re all in favour of every day being parents’ day and the children being left in charge. Even if it would be chaotic. And costly.

Alas, we’re stuck with a single day each year on which to show your old man some gratitude. But don’t you think it’s time to go beyond that corner shop card and bargain bottle of Scotch?

Thankfully, we’ve scoured the web to find 20 cracking gifts and gadgets for less than £50 that'll give your good old dad the thanks he deserves.

Soundmagic E10C (£45)

If your pa’s got keen lugholes but still relies on the earphones that shipped with his phone, these lovely buds are an easy upgrade that might just revolutionise his listening experience. They sound far better than they have any right to at this price, pairing chunky bass with good detail that’ll bring out the very best in that Phil Collins playlist. Better still, the braided-style cable is less tangle-prone than your average lead and, thus, is less likely to trigger knotty pocket tantrums.


Trakke Gask Tool Roll (£45)

Tools: every dad has them. Whether spanners and screwdrivers or toothbrushes and teaspoons, though, it’s no good leaving them to rattle around in the bottom of a sack. This waxed canvas roll from serial bag-makers Trakke is just the trick to keep kit organised, with a host of slots for all kinds of utensils – so whatever your old man’s hobby, he’ll have a handy home for his peripherals. Strap the roll beneath a saddle and dad can even take his taxidermy gear on two wheels.

Buy the Trakke Gask Tool Roll here from Trakke

Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner (£41)

If your paterfamilias used to fancy himself as the next David Bailey, there’s a good chance he has a shoebox full of film negatives kicking around in the attic. Show him you care about his untended creative flame with this handy scanner from Lomography. Feed the film through, pop your phone on top and – snap! – you’ll have scans of his analogue masterpieces on your smartphone. Or, you know, a gallery of weirdness from when he tried to use up the last shots on the film.


Amazon Fire 7 (£50)

Cheap as chips and replete with compromise, Amazon’s Fire 7 tablet is hard to argue with if you’re after a basic tablet for basic tasks. Yes, the screen is poor, it’s slow and the Amazon Appstore is pretty limited – but if all you (or your dad) are after is a simple slate that’ll do sofa-based web browsing without breaking the bank, you can’t beat this solid slab from the big A-to-Z.


Wacaco Minipresso NS (£50)

If your old man’s a coffee fiend, you’ve two choices this Father's Day: gift him a year’s worth of coffee shop vouchers so he’ll never be without his caffeine hit, or gift him this Minipresso so he’ll, erm, never be without his caffeine hit. While the former will cost you many a bean, though, the latter – a go-anywhere, hand-powered espresso maker that’s compatible with Nespresso capsules – is a steal at half-a-ton. Pop in a pod, build pressure by pushing the plunger and he’ll have a reviving cup of joe in a jiffy.