Father’s Day Gift Guide 2018: 16 gadget gift ideas under £100

From drones to headphones, here's how to treat your pop to something top

Reckon your dad's the best? Better than all the rest? Well, there's no way to prove it besides a giant, worldwide dad-off – but we discussed it and, well, that's just not feasible.

Instead, we'll call it a truce and say every dad out there is the best. And the best deserve the best, which is why we've trawled the web for the top gifts and gadgets you can get your old man this 17 June.

Whether he's a jogger or a logger, mixes drinks or tracks, plays with cars or builds them, there's something in this list for him.

What's more, nothing we've found will cost you more than £100. Sure, that might seem like a lot – even for the best father out there – but remember, every good dad should share with his offspring.

Garmin Forerunner 30 (£100)

Dad might not be ready to tackle his first triathlon just yet, but there’s no harm in encouraging his latest fitness fetish. Not as flashy as an Apple Watch, Garmin’s budget running buddy is a bargain at £100: besides the standard step tracking, it’s got onboard GPS, 24/7 heart rate tracking and a clear interface that’s friendly to even the fattest of fingers. And it’s much easier on the eyes than yet another piece of lurid lycra.

Buy the Garmin Forerunner 30 from Argos here

Ryze Tello Drone (£94)

A palm-sized flyer that’s powered by tech from drone experts DJI, the Ryze Tello might be closer to a toy than a pro piece of kit but it offers entry-level pilots great bang for buck. 720p footage is decent, while in-built trick shots mean your dad can make like a Hollywood director with just a few taps. Sure, it has limitations, but it’s about the best fun you can have in the sky this side of £100 – unless you bag those bargain flights to Malaga.

Buy the Ryze Tello from Amazon here

Lenco L-85 (£95)

Spotify might rule the soundwaves but vinyl remains king for true analogue audio quality. If your dad’s sitting on a carefully curated record collection from his days as mullet-haired student, this budget-but-brilliant turntable could be just the trick for a happy Father’s Day. Ready to use right out of the box, besides decent sound quality it packs a nifty ripping system that’ll deftly fling his Fleetwood Mac back catalogue onto a connected USB stick.

Buy the Lenco L-85 from John Lewis here

Philips Hue Colour Starter Kit (£100)

If your dad’s the sort who loves to twiddle and tweak, gifting him a smart lighting setup is sure to see him happy. This starter pack from Philips ships with a Hue bridge and three LED bulbs. Screw them into your standard light mounts and you’ll have 16 million shades on tap – so whether your dad needs dim yellow for movie nights of soothing violet for his morning meditation, the only limit is his imagination.

Buy the Philips Hue Colour Starter Kit from Currys here