Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021: 15 gadget gift ideas for less than £100

Urbanista Stockholm Plus (£69)

Dad still tethered by his headphones? Set him free with these true wireless Bluetooth ‘buds from Urbanista. Superior to the original Stockholm ‘phones, the chic and splash-proof Plus promise solid cordless audio without breaking the bank.

Improved microphones on each matte plastic earbud mean your old man can make clearer calls to his mates, while the updated charging case can now boost total battery life beyond 20 hours of listening time.

Pairing is an open-and-go affair, while touch controls make skipping songs straightforward – and voice assistance is only a tap away. Noise isolation might be limited by design, but their rich, vibrant sound means these featherweight ‘phones should please all but the pickiest audiophile fathers.