E3 2015: the A-Z breakdown

Star Wars: Battlefront (PC / PS4 / Xbox One) - Updated

After months of teasing we finally got treated to the gameplay footage (see above) of Battlefront we've been so desperate to see, and wow, it's completely gorgeous.

Five minutes of footage showed what seemed like a legion of players recreating the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back in a battle on the icy planet of Hoth. We managed to identify the following:

  • Battlefront will be vehicle heavy. The footage shows snow speeders, X-wings, TIE fighters and even the venerable ATAT walkers in play
  • Players will battle for specific objectives (in this instance getting a comms array online)
  • All sorts of awesome power ups will be available, such as jetpacks and anti-mech rocket launchers
  • Jedi involvement will be sparse, but when they do appear, they'll make mincemeat of the footsoldier cannon fodder. Also, DARTH VADER AND LUKE SKYWALKER SKINS. HURRAH!
  • The pace is frenetic and battlefields look like they might be populated with a mixture of real players and bots (though this is unconfirmed, we could just be overestimating the amount of soldiers on each side)

Starcraft II: Legacy Of The Void (PC)

The best things come in threes, and Starcraft II is no exception. The first two installments of this three-part RTS epic have already steamrolled the strategy game competition in addition to cementing the franchise's position as an insanely watchable competitive sport.

The third and final piece of the puzzle, Legacy Of The Void, will feature a Protoss campaign and will round off the saga’s long-running narrative.

There are unit changes galore, our personal favourite being the disruptor, a protoss energy ball that makes bio units go splat en masse. Though be prepared for this all to change in the coming months as Blizzard chop and change units to refine the balance.

UPDATE - Blizzard has brought SC players a gem at E3: a three part prologue to Legacy of the Void, Whispers of Oblivion, will be made available to StarCraft players soon. Trailer above.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (PS4)

Uncharted 4 reared its comforting head at the end of Sony's press conference with a gameplay video of Drake zipping through a favela in a jeep and causing wanton destruction along the way. As if the lives of the poor aren't hard enough already...

  • Uncharted 4 is wrapping up Drake's story for good. Sorry fanboys: this is the last hurrah
  • This has to be one of the most beautiful games of all time. The trailer left us slackjawed
  • "Wide linear" is how the designers decribe the player's degree of freedom. Somewhere between linear and open world
  • More bombast, more set pieces, more 'splosions than ever before

Unravel - Updated

Stretching the bounds of visual innovation is a difficult task given the amount of titles on the market, but every now and then a game crops up which really catches our eye. Unravel is that game. A surprise announcement at the Sony press conference, its bloom-heavy platforming had us from hello. Known things:

  • The protaginst is made of wool and his name is Yarny. He may be the cutest man-made creation in the world
  • Yarny can use his wool to abseil down drops, create trampolines and hook in objects
  • The game will follow Yarny's quest to put the threads of someone's life back together. We're sensing an extended metaphor that may bring us to tears

The Walking Dead: Michonne (Console / PC / Mobile) - Updated

Earlier in the year Telltale teased us with news that it was developing its own IP in a TV show / game hybrid fomat. 

Although the adventure game developer has failed to expand on those plans, it's definitely given fans another piece of hot gaming property to look forward to. Introducing The Walking Dead: Michonne.

Michonne is, without a doubt, our favourite character in The Walking Dead universe. She's got a katana, she's got attitude, but she also possesses an emotional depth that make her loveable. Telltale will be releasing a three-part gaming miniseries featuring its titular hero in the autumn.

Telltale's own blog explains why they chose big M for the leading role: "In many ways, Michonne herself is a reflection of the world of The Walking Dead. She is brutal and cold on the outside, but deep beneath what is broken, she remains hopeful, trying to claw her way out of the darkness that surrounds her."

Xbox Elite Controller

New hardware announcements were few and far between at this year's E3, but Microsoft were one of the few entrants, introducing as they did the Xbox Elite Controller. The spec:

  • It costs an eye-watering £130
  • A sensitivity toggle will feature on the front side, allowing it to change between two sensitivity states
  • It's way more expensive, but still requires AA batteries rather than in lieu of an internal charge pack
  • A variety of thumbsticks and D-pads can be snapped on and off to customise the fit
  • Interchangeable paddles can be applied to the rear face of the device. All have programmable inputs
  • New stainless-steel thumbstick shafts and rubberised grips have been added
  • Includes a fancy accessory box for easy transportation and posing

Xbox One - Updated

The Xbox press conference brought to light one of the juiciest morsels of E3 gossip so far: the Xbox One will soon feature backward compatibility with a host of Xbox 360 games. What we know:

  • Around 100 360 games are arriving on the One before Christmas
  • Another 100 games are to follow
  • Microsoft is updating the games one by one and not all titles will be brought in line
  • Players will still be able to use original play discs, which will then be patched via the internet