E3 2015: the A-Z breakdown

The Last Guardian (PS4) - Updated

We're in shock. Many, many layers of shock. We thought that The Last Guardian had been forever lost to the videogame graveyard before it had even sampled a moment in our loving embrace. 

As it turns out, TLG is live and kicking and still looking supremely beautiful. Sony took the time this year to show a gameplay trailer that had us salivating like it was 2009. Who would think that a bird-dog chimera could be so adorable?


  • The game's director, Fumito Ueda, is still very much involved in spite of his departure from Sony
  • Platforming and puzzle solving are the name of the game, with head-scratching conundrums that must be navigated by the player character and Trico (the bird-dog)
  • The platform has, as expected, moved to PS4. No word on a PS3 release, though we very much doubt that will happen
  • Release is scheduled for 2016, but remember the old adage: fool us once, shame on you, fool us twice and we'll invade your offices with pointy sticks

Check out our preview here.

Mass Effect Andromeda (Xbox One/PS4/PC) - Updated

Of course, EA was never going to take to the stage without showing off its flagship sci-fi franchise. The fourth instalment of the Mass Effect series finally has a name: Andromeda. We've also managed to identify the following:

  • It all takes place in a galaxy far away and definitely won't feature Shepard and crew 
  • It's being created using the internally-developed Frostbite engine
  • A Mako-like vehicle will make an appearance (see trailer)
  • Release is set for Christmas 2016, but we want it now

Mirror's Edge Catalyst (Xbox/PS4/PC) - Updated

The sequel to Mirror's Edge saw some action at the EA press conference with the a new trailer (above) and a confirmed release date. We've missed the freerunning antics of Faith, and no game since has captured the natural joy of gliding across rooftops quite as well. Info for you:

  • The narrative is getting a complete reboot. Catalyst will run through [guffaw] Faith's origin story and how she becomes the most fearsome person ever to don a satchel
  • Linearity is being ditched in favour of an open world. A wise choice in the name of freedom
  • Guns are being dropped entirely from Faith's armory in favour of pure hand-to-hand combat
  • Release is set for February 2016

Minecraft - Updated

Mojang had its own surprise up its sleeve for the Xbox press conference this year. Two employees took to the stage to demonstrate Minecraft's upcoming compatibility with Microsoft's HoloLens augmented reality technology:

  • Players can view their creations in glorious 3D and change perspective using gestures
  • It's possible to stick your head inside buildings to see the interior. You'll look like an idiot but interior design is of paramount importance to any block-head

Need for Speed (PC/PS4/Xbox One) - Updated

Need for Speed has been bringing console gamers velocity-related thrills since time was time, and now the franchise is getting a reboot. The next in the series is self-titled and sports a serious machismo complex. The downlow:

  • Open world shenanigans ahoy: you'll be free to explore wherever you wish in your souped-up motor
  • Customisation is high on the priority list, with plenty of options to add golden hubcaps and go faster stripes and other such jiggerypokery
  • Release is set for November 3 this year
  • The game may, or may not, induce a need for speed


We're so sorry Nintendo, but you're only recieving a single entry in this list. Why? Your show was quirky but untimately lacklustre. A lack of exciting titles and zippo on the hardware front left us feeling mift. 

Updates were as follows:

  • Super Mario Maker is arriving in September and allows players to create their own maniacally hard levels. The editor saw a (severely dragged out) demo but the product itself looks fun.
  • Yoshi's Woolly World, a platformer cousin of Kirby's Epic Yarn looks utterly adorable. Yoshi poops wool; enough said.
  • Star Fox Zero is a reboot of the venerable space shooter franchise. Another dragged out demo took us back to the days of the N64 in all the right ways.
  • Metroid Prime Federation Force is a multiplayer shooter for the 3DS that doesn't star Samus Aran. It was unexpected and somewhat unwanted; everyone was expecting another flagship Wii U game starring the universe's armored heroine.
  • Mario Tennis Ultra Smash is, rather unsurprisingly, a tennis game starring Mario and co. Creativity wins the day once again.

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 (PS4 / Xbox One) - Updated

The Plants vs Zombies franchise is one of those rare treasures which executes its premise with irresistible charm. Luckily for us EA has deemed the series' first person shooter spin-off, Garden Warfare, worthy of a sequel. ARMOURED ORANGE, ATTACK! New thingymajigs include but are not limited to the following:

  • New classes including a melee-focused imp and zombie sniper
  • Zombie co-op mode which supports up to four players
  • Split screen in case you want to play with someone breathing, blinking and sniffing annoyingly beside you
  • Graveyard ops in which the zombies do the defending
  • Plants
  • Zombies