E3 2015: the A-Z breakdown

Firewatch (PS4 / PC / Mac / Linux)

We've had our collective eye on Firewatch for some time. Mystery and murder in the foreboding forest? Yes please.

The E3 trailer showed more of the same vivid visuals and atmosphere that piqued our interest all those months ago. New information is limited, though we can tell you that Firewatch will premiere on the PS4.

Feast yourself on the perfunctory one-minute trailer above and hope and pray that a release schedule isn't far off.

For Honor (PS4) - Updated

New IPs are the stuff that dreams are made of and Ubisoft has kindly decided to make them come true this year with the announcement of a fresh swordfighting game, For Honor. Some information:

  • Players will fight in large-scale objective focused battles featuring bots and PvP
  • Each team will consist of a team of four human players
  • Combat is precision focused, giving the player a high degree of control over their swings and blocks
  • There appears to be a choice between playing as medieval knights, vikings, or samurai. We hope that all three meet at some point

Gigantic (PC / Xbox One) - Updated

MOBAs haven't been around for all that long but we think the genre is in need of a shakeup. Gigantic aims to do exactly that, with a completely fresh take on 5 vs 5 arena combat.

Motiga showed off new gameplay footage at this year's E3 and it's made us more keen than ever to get our hands on the beast.

  • The Gigantic closed beta will commence in August
  • No lanes, no items, just 10 players and some giant monsters 
  • It's being headed up by the former lead designer of StarCraft and Guild Wars
  • It looks B-E-A-Uuutiful

Halo 5: Guardians (Xbox One) - Updated

Rare gave the crowds a well-received slice of Guardians from the Xbox stage, showing off the production standards for which it's gained its stellar reputation. There's more to talk about here than we have space for, but we think the vital points are as follows:

  • Master Chief is back. Phew. But so is The Covenant. Argh
  • Swanky Limited and Collector's editions are on the way with a whole load of swag
  • New game mode, "warzone", will allow 24 players to explore maps up to four times the size of those in previous instalments
  • Four-player co-op campaign mode available
  • It's been built from the ground up in a new engine specifically made for the Xbox One

Heroes Of The Storm (PC) - Updated

It's only been live for a short while but HoTS is about to take another leap forward in 2015. Blizzard took to the stage to announce an expansion for the mash-up MOBA called Eternal Conflict

  • EC is a Diablo-focused expansion, adding playable heroes from that universe. This likely means that the next two expansions will be StarCraft and Warcraft focused
  • The expansion will be landing in testing servers in for a lucky few gamers in just a couple of weeks
  • New heroes include King Leoric, The Skeleton King, and the Monk, all characters from Diablo III
  • A fresh map is also on the way called Battlefield of Eternity with a sumptuous heaven/hell aesthetic
  • No word on whether the expansion is a paid-for addition or simply a large clump of cohesive content being dropped for free at around the same time

Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4) - Updated

The makers of Killzone have launched a totally unexpected (but delightful) sneak attack with the surprise announcement of a new IP, Horizon: Zero Dawn. Its post-apocalyptic ARPG antics give off a Mad Max meets Skyrim vibe, and that's absolutely A-OK with us.

Why not read the preview penned by our very own Tom Parsons, who managed to get behind-the-scenes demo of Horizon's mechanical monster-slaying.