Designing the Jaguar F-Type Coupé: "Ultimately, you need to be bold"

Will there be another XJ220 supercar?

Jaguar XJ220

"That's an interesting question. We built the C-X75 supercar, which is a phenomenal car and they are truly super – the technology in these things is amazing. But we made a decision not to build it. Like the XJ220 and supercars of that ilk touching a million dollars, we decided that the market was not healthy enough at the moment to absorb that sort of car. So at the moment we stopped it. We developed the technology, we will continually develop it behind the scenes, mainly because there's a lot of good stuff in there."

So why go to all that effort?

Jaguar C-X75

"Jaguar learnt a hell of a lot and it's great when you develop something that extreme because when you start to cascade it down through to reality – all you're really doing is reducing its objectives. On a 250mph hybrid supercar, when you have to do a 150mph sports hybrid you know a hell of a lot.

"The C-X75 has been postponed indefinitely. I think it's an indulgence. Of course, it's the ultimate expression and of course it helps the brand, gives you credentials, it says you're clever enough to do this. But in the scheme of an ongoing business, it's a bit of an indulgence and I'm sure all these other companies with supercars will see that, too. But they have enough money to go for it. We're small, we can't go and do that. I'm sad the C-X75 concept didn't make the final cut as I felt very personally involved with it. But that's the way life is."

So would you design the next XJ220?

Jaguar C-X75

"If somebody said to me, "let's do a supercar or let's do another derivative of a medium-sized saloon," for instance, I would go for the saloon any time because that really has long-term potential. I'd like to think there's something in the middle there, though. I like to think there's something exotic but relatively affordable, nothing we could afford. Again, though, that's an indulgence. Very few of these cars make a lot of money."