Christmas gift guide 2016: 12 of the best Lego sets

Buying for a brick lover? Look no further

We love Lego. What could be more fun on a December afternoon than piecing together thousands of tiny pieces to make a multicolour model of epic proportions?

Once you’ve finished helping the kids with their kits, though, you might well run out of blocky options.

Thankfully, we’ve trawled the halls of Lego HQ to unearth some bricktastic kits to add to your Christmas collection – from skyscrapers and superheroes to big diggers and rocket science.

Who says Lego’s not for adults?

Caterham Seven 620R (£70)

A full-size Caterham is pretty much the ultimate Lego set, but an actual kit car is a real pain to wrap up - let alone fit under the tree.

The next best thing? Lego’s Caterham 7. The eagerly anticipated result of one Lego fan’s imagination, this mini mock-up of the world’s favourite build-it-yourself speed machine is a beauty to behold. As with the real thing, you still get something to build while you wait for the turkey to cook - but the oil and grease all over the carpet.

Buy the Lego Caterham Seven 620R here

Volkswagen Beetle (£70)

Say hello to hippy heaven in vehicular form. OK, so it’s a little more angular than the original, but this faithfully reproduced replica of the symbolic VW is straight out of the 60s.

Complete with surfboard, cool box and beers – to scale, sadly – tricks like a tilting rear seat add extra authenticity to the alluring azure-blue paint job.

Buy the Lego Creator Volkswagen Beetle here

Porsche 911 GT3 RS (£250)

“I’ve bought myself a Porsche,” you’ll say. “What kind?” they’ll ask. The truth is up to you, but we’d be mighty proud of this feature-packed replica of the German marque’s magnificent GT3 RS. Watch the engine pistons pump as you ponder on what answer to give, before riposting with, “orange you jealous?”

With 2700 pieces to play with, it’s not a quickie to build – and, given that it’s delivered in special packaging complete with a collector’s book, this might be one to keep out of reach of sticky hands.

Buy the Lego Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS here

Bucket Wheel Excavator (£180)

Who doesn’t want a giant marble-munching machine made of plastic? Sure, it might not actually chew through rocks with the same consummate ease as its bigger mining brother, but it’ll scoop up layabout Lego, no sweat. Motor-driven belts and buckets put paid to back-breaking brick-shifting, whilst the boom can be raised and lowered for optimum chipping angles.

If you’re a fan of size, this set isn’t lacking – in fact, it’s the largest Lego Technic kit to date, with more than 3900 pieces making up its monstrous, 41cm-tall frame – whilst a dumper truck buddy is on hand to haul the processed pieces that come out of the other end. 

Buy the Lego Technic Bucket Wheel Excavator here

Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle (£90)

Web-swinging action just got a table-top upgrade: this bridge-themed set is as much for players as builders, replete with trapdoors, exploding pillars and trash can catapults that’ll make easy work of a long afternoon.

A menagerie of Minifigures means you can get your mates in on the action, too, with Spider-Man and Spider-Girl fending off the evil doings of Green Goblin, Kraven and more.

Buy the Lego Marvel Superheroes Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle here

Architecture New York City (£40)

Lego’s entire Architecture series is inspired by the detail-focussed finesse that drives the Kevin McClouds among us - and that’s very much the case with this New York City kit.

Distinctly not for kids – as the website will warn you – this stylishly subtle set portrays the changing shape of the Big Apple’s skyline on a single base, from the Statue of Liberty to a 26cm-high Empire State Building. It’s less about building something fun than having a scale desktop model to inspect for hours on end, but, for those of a design inclination, it’s a real doozy.

Buy Lego Architecture New York City here