Christmas Gift Guide 2016: 20 gadget gift ideas for music lovers

B&O BeoPlay A2 (£300)

While many Bluetooth speakers are beige anony-boxes, you can always rely on Bang & Olufsen to put the eccentric effort in. The A2 has a hint of World War 2 field radio about it, with a leather strap for carrying (which you’ll probably need over the course of its 24-hour battery life) – though its aptX Bluetooth is bang up to date, giving you top-notch streaming quality.

Buy the B&O BeoPlay A2 here

Kate Koeppel Design Record Dividers (from US$49)

Keeping your vinyl organised is all part of the anal joy of owning it. Do you alphabetise? Colour code? Sort by genre? You alphabetise, obviously, and you do it with the help of Kate Koeppel’s Record Dividers. Available for both 7in and 12in collections and with a choice of typefaces, these wooden organisers will sort you right out.

Buy Kate Koeppel Design Record Dividers here

SoundMagic E10Cs (£40)

For many, spending more than about £25 on a pair of headphones that they’re likely to lose, break or tangle to destruction within weeks is akin to throwing pound coins in the sea. So, spend it for them instead. These SoundMagic in-ears sound great, come with a remote and feel more expensive than you’ll pay for them - so everyone’s a winner.

Buy the SoundMagic E10C here

Personalised Favourite Song Soundwaves Print (£25)

Unless you’re a sound engineer, most songs look broadly similar when you convert them to soundwaves - even if they're printed on 300gsm paper and framed on the wall.

If your favourite tune is Paul McCartney’s Frog Song, when somebody asks you can pretend it’s Jet or Live and Let Die or something much less embarrassing. Just hope they don’t check the title printed underneath.

Buy a Personalised Favourite Song Soundwaves Print here