Christmas Gift Guide 2019: 15 gadget gift ideas for music lovers

Tuneful treats for keen-eared listeners

It’s not easy being an audiophile. You spend months crafting a Christmas megamix, sourcing lossless versions of the classics and mastering them into a high-fidelity playlist with added sleigh bell, only for some joker to skip the queue and stream a low-res bootleg of Dominick The Donkey – ‘for the banter’.

Detest their mule music? Don’t lower your standards for the sake of undeserving ears: stick this tuneful tech at the top of your wish list and escape to a world of sonic satisfaction this Christmas.

From noise-cancelling cans to remastered records to speakers you can speak to, these melodious gifts will be a bigger hit with music lovers than a FLAC back-catalogue of their festive favourites.