Christmas Gift Guide 2016: 20 gadgets gift ideas for movie fans

Lights! Camera! Action! These presents will make your festivities a blockbuster

Few things are more closely linked with the Christmas spirit than big-screen flicks: put the kettle on, grab a slice of the fruit cake and sink into the sofa for a family film afternoon.

Sometimes, though, just watching isn't enough. Inspired by Iron Man? Jealous of Bond's cocktails? Desperate for Star Wars dress-up? Spin-off gear doesn't come much better than this list of Christmas kit for the kitsch-mad movie-lover.

4K Ultra HD - The Premiere Edition (£80)

The future of movies is 4K Blu-ray, but that means the prospects for your wallet are decidedly bleak. At £20 or more a pop, these discs don’t come at all cheap.

Thankfully, 20th Century Fox has combined six shiny titles into one box set. Even though they’re not all winners - Independence Day: Resurgence is decidedly rubbish - there’s plenty of economy to be found in the collection. In particular, The Revenant, Life of Pi and Kingsman: The Secret Service are all worthy of repeat viewings in the best possible fidelity.

Buy 4K Ultra HD - The Premiere Edition here

Logitech Harmony Companion (£101)

Between Netflix, Sky and Blu-Ray, movie lovers are spoilt choice. Switching between them, though, can soon become a chore with all those remotes.

Put an end to controller chaos with Logitech's Harmony Companion. Anyone who's used a standard remote ought to be fine with the bundled controller, whilst a quick app install means smarter users can control their home entertainment system from their phone. Better still, it'll now play nice with Amazon Echo, so you can shout "Alexa, turn on Sky" and your movies will be waiting while you butter the popcorn.

Buy the Logitech Harmony Companion here

Deadpool Ouchie T-Shirt (from £5.50)

As ever, this year has treated the world to a fresh glut of superhero movies. If you struggle to tell the difference between Civil War and Suicide Squad, though, Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool stands out by a supremely bloody mile.

Drenched in the red stuff and packing enough cuss words to make your grandmother blush, it towered above the lycra-clad competition. Even if Batman vs Superman didn’t take much beating. Anyway, this T-shirt is a chucklesome piece of merchandise from a very good comic book film.

Buy the Deadpool Ouchie T-Shirt here

Battle-worn BB-8 and Force Band (£160)

Not since the union of Lucas and film has there been a more glorious pairing than that of Sphero and BB-8.

Back with an all-new battle-worn paint job - trundling around the sands of Jakku takes its toll on one’s appearance - this collector’s edition also includes the new Force Band, which allows you to control the chirpy little ball of joy with hand gestures.

The band also vibrates when there’s a nearby disturbance in the Force, letting you physically explore your surroundings and collect relics on your smartphone, Pokémon Go-style.

Buy the Battle-worn BB-8 and Force Band here

The Movie Doctors (£9)

Wassup. Wassup. Wassup. From the duo behind the BBC’s flagship film program comes a funny book about filmic ailments and injuries. If you’re one of the more than a million listeners to Kermode and Mayo’s Wittertainment then you’ll know the deal here - and enough in-jokes to sink a Michael Bay movie.

How do you read the book? You just do it. Don’t have a clue what we’re on about? Download that podcast, pronto.

Buy The Movie Doctors here