Christmas Gift Guide 2016: 16 gadget presents for less than £100

Got a ton going spare? Here are the gifts to spend it on

More than a stocking filler, less than an "I love you", gifts that cost less than £100 are the perfect middle ground when it comes to wishing someone a happy Christmas.

Peruse this selection of the best sub-£100 gadget gifts and you're sure to find something suitable, whoever the not-quite-a-loved-one is.

And, if you change your mind about them, you can always keep it for yourself.

Polaroid Snap (£90)

Photography in 2016:

1) take thousands of pictures on your 20MP smartphone

2) share them with everyone you know via Twittbookgram

3) never look at photos again.

Polaroid wants to change that with the Snap Instant Camera. Take a picture with its 10MP camera and its built-in Zero Ink printer will instantly produce a real, physical 2in x 3in print. There’s no need for ink cartridges or anything fiddly like that and you can, of course, save the pics to SD card if you want to – sigh – share them with the whole of humanity afterwards, rather than just giving one print to someone who might really appreciate it.

Buy the Polaroid Snap here

Bose SoundSport (£70)

Normal headphones aren’t great for exercise. If they don’t fall out entirely, they always work themselves loose enough to break the noise-isolating seal - which means you get to hear Garry grunting his way through his fifth set of deadlifts. Push 'em fully in and you can hear so little that you don't notice that bus as you run away from Garry.

These Bose sports headphones solve all of those problems. They’ve got a flap that sort of clips into your ears, so they never fall out. But they don’t burrow right into your brain, either - they instead funnel sound into your ear canal without blocking out all external noise. They’re brilliant.

Better still, there's a new wireless version, if you've got the readies.

Buy the Bose SoundSports here

3Doodler Create (£100)

Ever wanted to draw in mid-air? No? Well, with 3Doodler's magic take on making, you soon will.

With better airflow than the original, this second iteration of the plastic-spouting pen features a redesigned nozzle for smoother, more intricate 3D ABS designs - perfect for Nan to revive her garden ornaments.

Practice makes perfect, but the 3Doodler is an inherently intuitive cartridge consuming creator.

Buy the 3Doodler Create here

Amazon Fire TV 4K (£80)

If you've recently completed phase one of Project Telly (buying a 4K TV), it's time to take step two and fill it with lovely content from Amazon's latest media streamer.

The new Fire TV offers the holy televisual grail of 4K streaming from both Netflix and Amazon - so if your TV's lacking one of those, it'll fill the gap nicely - plus voice controls and great gaming functionality. No media streamer is perfect, but this is the most complete one you can buy right now.    

Buy the Amazon Fire TV 4K here

Samsung Gear VR (2016) (£100)

Sure, Google’s Cardboard contraption is pretty cool, but for a proper virtual reality romp you need something much more formidable.

Enter Samsung's latest VR effort: driven by the power of Oculus, this head-tracking helmet turns modern mobiles into movie magicians. Equipped with a touchpad for immersive control, it's as easy as plugging in your Galaxy to enter a world of imagined exploration made real.

Compatible with several Samsung devices, including the S7, Note 5 and S6 Edge, slip in your smartphone and strap it on to Granddad to give him the virtual time of his life.

Buy the Samsung Gear VR (2016) here