Christmas Gift Guide 2017: 20 great games for PlayStation 4 gamers

Fill your wish list with the hottest PS4 and PS4 Pro games around

If there's a better way to spend Christmas Day than sprawled out on the sofa playing hours upon hours of an amazing new game, we haven't heard of it. Well, unless it's that plus a nice glass of eggnog nearby.

Problem is, you'll need something fresh to pop into your PlayStation 4 this season – but you have no shortage of strong options for stocking your wish list right now. Collected here are some of the absolute best PS4 games of the year, along with a few of our old favourites that are still well worth checking out if you haven't gotten 'round to them yet.

On the other hand, if you're the one trying to pick out a gift to give this Christmas, you can't go wrong with a stellar PS4 game. Read on for some of your best choices right now. And don't miss the hundreds upon hundreds of other Christmas gift ideas we've sorted so far.