Christmas Gift Guide 2016: 16 gadget presents for less than £50

Looking for a neat gift that won't break the bank? Search no further

You've bought the big presents. You've bought the stocking fillers. Now you need that little in-between gift that says, "I care".

Thankfully, we've scoured the web for best Christmas kit that you can pick up for less than £50. Neat.

Lava BrightSounds 2 (£30)

Does your partner love camping? Do you hate camping? It doesn't matter: they don't care what you think.

Still, you can take the edge of those cold canvas weekends with this versatile accessory. It does triple duty as a Bluetooth speaker, a dimmable LED lamp and an emergency phone charger. It wins because it makes camping feel less like camping.

Buy the Lava BrightSounds 2 here

Birdie GoPro Flight System (£34)

If you can't stretch to a drone for your GoPro-toting chum, this is a much cheaper alternative. Simply strap in the camera, toss it in the air and you'll get a gentle aerial view as the Birdie descends.

There’s trial and error involved as the camera points straight down, but the GoPro’s wide-angle lens means you don’t need to be an Olympic shot putter to get decent shots.

Buy the Birdie GoPro Flight System here

Philips Power Bank (£40)

There are some serious bargains in the power bank world (such as Xiaomi’s £15 marvel), but it’s not always about capacity per pound.

This bottle-shaped Philips is a perfect iPhone companion. If you need extra phone juice whilst you're out and about, the curved design of its 3000mAh cell - enough for one recharge - should be a relief from cramming awkward rectangles into your pocket.

Buy the Philips Power Bank here

Alessi Pulcina Espresso Coffee Maker (£49)

Hate coffee, love chic stuff? This shiny coffee-maker is a beautiful innovation in brew-making that should please caffeine addicts and design afficionados alike.

Its sliced-layered design gives off funky 8-bit vibes, while the aluminium construction is a pleasure to hold. Its insides are clever, too: the shape of its internal heater automatically stops the coffee filtering through at just the right moment.

Buy the Alessi Pulcina Espresso

This Book is a Camera (£25)

Baffled by the barrage of buttons on a DSLR? Leave the hard work to the pro 'togs and grab this simple shooter. Stick a sheet of photo paper in, life the shutter and flash! You're done.

Develop the shot in pitch darkness and you’ve got yourself a unique, arty snap that’s completely different to anything a pro might take.

Buy This Book is a Camera here