Christmas Gift Guide 2014: 12 gift ideas for sci-fi geeks

We've rounded up the finest toys, collectibles and books for the discerning sci-fi fan this Christmas

We live in a golden age of geekery.

Time was, the sci-fi fan had nothing but dog-eared Alan Dean Foster novelisations and dodgy Davros toys (with two arms, for God's sake) to sate their appetite for out-of-this-world thrills.

Now they're spoiled for choice, with a veritable cornucopia of nerd-friendly product on the shelves. We've sifted through the lot, from prints to books to collectibles, and rounded up 12 bits of kit that'll put a smile on any geek's face come Christmas Day.

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Doctor Who: Risk (£22)

You're probably going to be forced to play a board game by your family this Christmas ("It's better than that PlayStation 360 rubbish"); so why not liven things up with the addition of Daleks? This special edition version of Risk has the genocidal pepperpots fighting it out amongst themselves for control of the Earth, with additional cards for special missions and abilities. Exterminate!

Buy Doctor Who: Risk here

The World of Ice and Fire (£20)

While George RR Martin drags his heels over the sixth book in his A Song of Ice and Fire series, his increasingly-frantic publishers have produced this lavish book to tide fans over. With input from GRRM himself, it's a beautifully-illustrated, in-depth guide to the noble houses of Westeros, and their interminable battle for the Iron Throne.

Star Trek: Original Series: Universal Remote Control Phaser (£120)

Gran wants to watch the EastEnders special ("It's gonna be the best Christmas Walford's ever had!"); Dad insists on ITV4's showing of The Great Escape, despite having the DVD right there on the shelf.

Set phasers to stun and end the struggle for Christmas telly supremacy with this replica IR remote, which packs up to 36 gesture-controlled commands.

Buy Star Trek: Original Series: Universal Remote Control Phaser here

Original Stormtrooper Helmet (£300)

Produced by the very prop maker who manufactured the Stormtrooper armour for the original Star Wars film, these replica helmets are about as authentic as you can get. Prices range from £300 for a standard edition model – based on the stunt helmets from the film – all the way up to £800 for a chrome dome modelled on the ones from the Saatchi Gallery's Art Wars exhibition.

Buy Original Stormtrooper Helmet here

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