Christmas Gift Guide 2014: 12 Christmas gift ideas for couch potatoes

Whether you're looking for a present, or just something to play on the snazzy Blu-ray player that's wrapped up under the tree, we've got you covered

As the season of Yule hoves into view, Hollywood gathers up its cinematic output and stuffs it into bulging Blu-ray box sets, to be wrapped up and crammed beneath your Christmas tree.

Behold the best in disc-based entertainment for the Christmas comedown. Because the Wi-Fi at your parents’ place isn’t good enough to stream Netflix (and you’ll run out of things to talk about anyway).

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True Detective (£18)

The greatest trick Matthew McConaughey ever pulled was convincing the world he wasn’t a very good actor, which, if you think about it, probably makes him the best actor ever. If further proof were needed, watch True Detective, in which he plays Rust Cohle – an intensely bonkers cop who talks like he’s swallowed a copy of The God Delusion and washed it down with some high-end hallucinogenics – who’s partnered with troubled family man Marty Hart (Woody Harrelson) to solve an occult crime. With its time-hopping narrative and gruesome murder mystery, True Detective isn’t exactly the Queen’s Christmas message.  

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Fargo Season 1 (£15)

“What’s the point of remaking Fargo?” everybody asked when it emerged that there was going to be a remake of Fargo. And who can blame everybody? The Cohen’s dark-as-a-power-cut-in-a-goth-club comedy is still their best work. Rather than just stretching the same story out over 10 episodes, this TV remake creates a familiar feeling using all new – albeit similarly quirky – characters rather than just retracing existing footprints. Most impressive of all, Martin Freeman might finally have shaken off the whole ‘Tim from The Office’ thing with his portrayal of Lester Nygaard. 

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Hannibal Season 1 & 2 (£18)

What could be more pleasant after polishing off your Christmas dinner than to sit down to a show about a man who would rather eat your flesh than that of the big bird you’ve just spent half a day preparing? Based on Red Dragon rather than Silence of the Lambs, it sees Hannibal Lector engaged in a psychological tug of war with Will Graham (Hugh Dancey) – the FBI agent who captured him. Scando superstar Mads Mikkelsen plays Dr Lector with typical intensity. Enjoy with a nice Chianti.   

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