Celebrate 5 years of the Apple App Store with these free apps


£Free App Store

Over lets you add stylish text to your photos, letting you create funky captions or classy images to print and share. Or in our case, motivational posters involving cats and factual photos featuring bears. It helps pass the time.

Traktor DJ

£Free App Store

Previously priced at a hefty £14, you'd be mad not to take Traktor's virtual decks for a spin. Offering a multitude of ways for even the novice DJ to create great sounding mixes in seconds, Traktor brings effects, mixers, crossfaders and plenty more DJ magic to your fingertips.

How To Cook Everything

£Free App Store

While we're disappointed that 'everything' doesn't include snozzcumbers or Everlasting Gobstoppera, this app does have 2,000 tasty recipes and 400 illustrations to get you cooking up delicious food, with built in timers to ensure you don't burn them to a crisp.

Map My Ride+

£Free App Store

If you spend a lot of you time on two wheels then Map My Ride+ will be an invaluable tool. Tracking your speed, route, distance, calories, elevation and more, it'll also serve up cycle-friendly navigation as well as voice prompts to keep you updated on your progess.

Barefoot World Atlas

£Free App Store

Despite being made for children, we've had quite a bit of fun whizzing around this beautifully illustrated interactive 3D globe which serves up bit-sized chunks of knowledge from every region around the globe. Learning can be fun after all.

Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP

£Free App Store

This pixellated action adventure boasts a world that's a joy to explore with sights and sounds that make it stand out from your average iRPG. With an original soundtrack that's also available on iTunes, you can relive your adventures IRL too. Though you might get a few odd looks.