Canned heat: 9 of the best hip flasks for portable winter drinking

Stash shots in your pocket with these heady vessels

Whether you’re scaling Glen Coe or shivering outside a Glasgow club, there’s nothing like the neat heat of straight scotch to keep you warm in the depths of winter. Except, perhaps, a down-filled jacket. Or a log fire. Or soup.

Still, for an instant glow wherever you go, it’s tough to top a dram of something strong: the first-sip sucker-punch to your palate; the mildly unpleasant searing sensation as you swallow; the mellow afterburn more effective than any pot of Vicks VapoRub.

So, whether whisky is your weakness or it’s rum that toasts your tum, these fine flasks are the fastest route to liquid warmth this winter. And, quite possibly, the swiftest way to make new friends on a freezing Friday night.

Wrapped receptacles

Sturdy reserves

Bare-metal vessels