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Campus Party Europe – your last chance to get tickets

Trust us, you really don’t want to miss out on London’s week-long celebration of tech

Parties are brilliant, but it’s a sad fact that they get worse as you get older. When you’re young, they’re all Jelly! And ice cream! And crazy hats! And presents! And tantrums! – all things which are sadly lacking in everyday adult life.

But when you’re a grown-up, they mostly involve standing around sipping cheap wine and listening to someone bore you about how much they hate their job.

But Campus Party Europe is different. In fact, it’s the best party you’ll go to all year.


A week-long, 24-hour-a-day festival of tech, it’s the biggest electronic entertainment event in the world – and the good news is, it’s coming to London next month for the first time ever. Yes, from 2-7 September about 10,000 Campuseros – hackers, gamers, gadget heads, tech tinkerers and all-round geeks – will take over the O2 Arena for six days of future-shaping, era-defining fun.

Inside, there’s an astonishing array of things to do, sights to see, people to meet and competitions to win.

Fancy yourself as a bit of a gamer? There are four tournaments to enter including Fifa 13 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with cash prizes of up to £2000 for each one.

Hacking more your scene? There are five hackathons taking place, with challenges such as developing an app to make food safe, or making the best use of 4G. And again, there are fantastic prizes up for grabs at all of them.

Maybe you have a project you want to showcase? Check out BarCamp, where you can present your idea in front of your Campusero peers.

Or maybe you’d rather fill your brain with knowledge? With eight stages taking in such themes as coding, e-commerce, robotics, modding, start-ups, design, e-health, green tech and photography, there are plenty of ways to do that. And on the main stage, you’ll find the keynote speakers, including web legend Vint Cerf and Linux mastermind Jon ‘Maddog’ Hall.

In all, there are more than 500 hours of talks, debates, workshops, competitions and hackathons to take part in, plus hundreds of hours of ad-hoc events which last into the small hours and beyond. In short, you’re unlikely to get bored.


Tickets are available right now at campus-party.eu for the bargain price of £30 for the full-week pass. For a week-long camping pass, it’s £50 – and you’ll need to bring your own tent. Or you can get a day-pass to each of the four main days, with entrance to the opening ceremony included, for just £15.

But that’s not all. No celebration of all things tech would be complete without the world’s biggest-selling gadget magazine – buy a week-pass to Campus Party Europe at the O2 Arena and you’ll get a 3-month subscription to Stuff. Simply add the code CPSTUFF in the purchase box once you have registered for the event and you will be sent an email to claim your free issues of Stuff.

And who knows – if you’re really lucky you might get jelly and ice cream too.

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