Blade Runner: 9 of the best shaving razors

Chin like an unkempt Gruffalo? Go from wild to well-groomed with these wet-shave winners

Wax your chin, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. Well, three strips and several expletives later and you’ve a sink full of tears to match your patchy stubble.

For a smooth face without the rip-off grimace, ditch the waxing wands and treat your cheek to a slicker trim: from sensitive shavers to one-blade wonders, there’s a better razor for every jaw – and it needn’t cost the earth.

To prove that point, we’ve scythed through the proverbial chaff of facial grooming to find nine of the finest wet-shave razors available today, with blades for every budget.

Whether you’re battling a beard on a daily basis or treating your top lip to a weekly trim, these handles of barbery are sure to whittle your bristle in a whistle.

Everyday heroes

Subscription shaves

Stylish stubble-busters