Best turntables 2017 - reviewed

The vinyl revival is here to stay - and these turntables will indulge your LP addiction in pitch perfect fashion

The return of the record player is one of the biggest stories of the decade.

New vinyl releases, re-releases, Record Store Day and, erm, Urban Outfitters, have all done their bit to get the world in a spin (all over again) about 12-inch discs.

But is it just a passing hipster fad? A desire for a physical connection to your music in the streaming age? Or perhaps a genuine realisation that records can actually sound pretty damn good? It’s probably a little bit of each. 

Thanks to the addition of USB turntables, your vinyl purchases needn’t be consigned solely to your record player either.

Want to get on board? You need a solid spinner. Luckily, whether you're spending a little or lot, there’s plenty of choice.

Don’t be tempted by the all-in-one machines - they may look smart but they rarely sound so clever, and worse still, they could damage your records. Instead, take your pick from our selections of the best on the market, starting at just a little over £100...