The best smart TVs of 2016 - reviewed

The Best Smart tvs of 2016 - verdict

This one comes down to the Samsung UE48J6300 and the Panasonic TX-50CS520, but we reckon the Samsung just edges it. It’s more of an all-rounder with a stunning picture, plenty of connections and a good smart interface. It was a close one, though.

That Panasonic is seriously impressive if your priority is outright picture performance. The Sony KDL-55W805C, meanwhile, offers size and plenty of features. It’s definitely one to consider if you’re less fussed about image quality.

Then there’s the Finlux, outclassed in this company but it has the advantage of price. If you want big-screen thrills on a budget, it’s well worth checking out.

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Samsung UE48J6300 | Panasonic TX-50CS520 | Sony KDL-55W805C Finlux 48FT3E242S-T

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