7) Garmin Index Smart Scale (£150)

What’s the story?

A welcome addition to Garmin's massive range of running watches and wearables, the Index Scales are the most likely here to satisfy fitness fiends. With a huge LCD display, they're the easiest to read and boast the most health data, including body water, muscular and skeletal mass measurements alongside the usual weight, body fat and BMI readouts.

The Garmin Connect mobile and desktop apps are already hugely popular and for good reason; both display your vitals in a clear, understandable way, and offers a huge number of graphs, charts and health data. Although be warned - the focus is on running watches and wearable data analysis rather than weight.

Third-party integration is still quite limited with Garmin – there's Strava export and MyFitnessPal data sharing if you're calorie counting. But there still isn't the cross-brand sharing of something like the Fitbit Aria. Connect IQ, a developer site for third-party apps, should change this, but for casual users it remains quite limited. Still, you can add up to 16 users to the Index Scale, which is more generous than the rest, and potentially handy if you're a Von Trapp or want to buy a scale for your Sunday league team. 

Any good?

It's impressively simple to set-up with either desktop or mobile apps, and a pleasure to use – well, as pleasurable as weighing yourself gets. The large, scrolling display offers all the detail you'll need, including body fat and bone mass, so there's no need to jump into the app every day to see all your stats.

Accuracy, as with all the scales, was reasonably consistent, although an erroneous body fat reading of 8.5%, while flattering, was laughably off. Double-checking the mistake also highlighted the fact you can only log one weigh-in per day, and the scales will override the previous result with the new one.

But overall the Index is a superb set of scales, and if you're already invested in the Garmin ecosystem, they're close to a must-buy. Combined with a fitness tracker and the Connect app, the scales give you a much more detailed breakdown of your overall health, although some more information on what to do with bone mass data would certainly be useful.


Impressive design, great display and more data capture than the rest, but a lack of compatibility means they're best suited to Garmin lovers

Buy the Garmin Index Scale here from Garmin

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