5) Under Armour UA Scale (£129)

What’s the story?

This good-looking, glass-topped design with a large scrolling LED display offers up weight and body fat percentage data as well as 'motivational' messages to help you hit your goals.

The HTC-made scale forms part of a collection of UA-branded devices, including a heart rate chest strap monitor and fitness tracker (also available as a £299 Healthbox bundle). While the macho design is firmly aimed at the gym crowd, the lack of body analytics would suit a beginner better.

You're by no means limited to Under Armour's own brand kit, as the app lets you sync data from apps like Fitbit and Garmin. So it's certainly possible to build your own ecosystem of fitness tracking kit to suit your needs.

The UA Scale can recognize up to eight users and distinguish between them based on weight and profile, and unlike the majority on test, you can navigate your way around your data manually via the scale, not just the app.

Any good?

Over twenty short minutes Stuff's weight fluctuated by as much as three kilograms, which hardly inspires confidence. It also failed to recognize us on more than a few occasions – lunch hadn’t been that gluttonous - and even added some erroneous data to our profile. Oh, and if you move it, you'll need to recalibrate it which irritates immensely.

But the clear majority of weigh-ins proved as accurate – give or take a few percentage points - as the rest on test, the bright scrolling display offered plenty of instant feedback and the scales feel solid underfoot.

All the data feeds into the exceptional UA Record App which makes it easy to set goals, view your progress and geek out over piles of personal data. It's based around the MyFitnessPal range of apps that Under Armour recently acquired, so not only works effortlessly with existing user's data and UA's own trackers, but plays nicely with most leading brands and fitness apps including Garmin Connect, Suunto, Polar and Misfit.

If the UA Record app wasn't free we'd say it's worth buying UA Scales just for access to it, but given there are far better scales that are also compatible, we'd recommend buying another set and enjoying the best of both worlds. 

Stats tracked

Weight, Body Fat %


Battery life (max): Five months

Display: LED

Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Compatible products: UA Record App, UA Band, UA Heart Rate strap, Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone, Misfit, Polar (via their apps)

Best for...the app ecosystem


Decent design with enough to keep you stepping back on, but the real draw here is the UA Record app

Buy the UA Scale here from Under Amour


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