2) Fitbit Aria (£100)

What’s the story?

The Wi-Fi connected Aria looks the business in black or white glass. Once it's synced to your Fitbit account – it creates its own Wi-Fi hotspot to make setup seamless - it streams weight, BMI and fat % info directly to it. 

It’s iOS and Android compatible and recognises up to eight users automatically (based on average weight) so your stats are safe from harm (or hacking).

Fitbit devices aren’t compatible with Apple’s HealthKit, but there are apps – such as Sync Solver – that can get round the problem if it’s a deal breaker. The app itself is pretty simplistic (the desktop version offers considerably more detail) but good for quick updates, checking that you’re hitting daily goals and inputting calorie info, if that’s your thing.

It also syncs seamlessly with Fitbit’s range of fitness monitors so, in theory, you should see a correlation between steps walked, calories consumed and weight, fat or bmi.

Fitbit has since announced the Aria 2, which promises better accuracy and Bluetooth connectivity. We'll update this review when it becomes available later in 2017.

Any good?

If you’ve invested in one of the many excellent Fitbit health trackers and want to get a better idea of your overall health, then the Aria is an ideal option.

The combination of activity, weight and fat data builds a useful health profile, and thanks to the simple smartphone apps and detailed online software, everything works seamlessly.

The Aria, while not a patch on the silky QardioBase, also looks good, with a crisp scrolling screen that displays a surprising amount of information.

It takes its time to calculate and even longer to transfer data, but Wi-Fi removes the need to have your phone on you, leaving you to just hop on daily just like you would a standard set.

While it lacks the in-depth data of the Tanita and a smidge of the usability you get from the Nokia, the Aria is a fine all-rounder.

Still, although the original Aria is still available, it's probably worth wating for the minor upgrades of the Aria 2, which is due to arrive later in 2017.

Stats tracked

Weight, BMI, fat % 


Battery life (max): 6mnths

Display: Backlit LCD

Connectivity: Wi-Fi

Compatible products: All Fitbit trackers 

Best for... Fitbit fanatics


Thanks to the all-encompassing Fitbit ecosystem, the Aria remains the easiest way to track your vital statistics

Buy the Fitbit Aria here from Argos


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