The 25 best Samsung Gear VR games, apps and experiences

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Samsung VR

Samsung's own 360-degree video portal has some neat highlights, including trippy animated clips and other short films, not to mention a super slick hub for everything. But the real highlight is Gone, an original series from the creators of The Walking Dead TV series.

Gone tells the story of a young girl who suddenly vanishes from a public playground, and you'll have to piece together what happened across several episodes, zooming into highlighted areas to examine clues. It's a bit creepy and totally unsettling, but it's a nice glimpse at the very new and exciting form of immersive and lightly interactive storytelling.

Price: Free

Download Samsung VR here from Google Play

EVE Gunjack

Gunjack is basically the kid brother of EVE Valkyrie from higher-end headsets, with a simplified arcade spaceship-blasting design. It suffers slightly from the comparison, but spend a few minutes blasting enemy spaceships and you'll surely find it pretty entertaining.

It's a pretty straightforward arcade shooter: you'll look around to aim the cursor and blast the waves of zippy foes that zoom into view. Gunjack's levels get progressively tougher, though, tossing in a bit more strategy and challenge along the way, and it looks great for mobile VR. Although straightforward, it's rather fun.

Price: £7.99

Download EVE Gunjack here from Oculus

Star Chart

Don't have a good view of the night sky from your city – or just prefer to strap on a headset in the comfort of your own flat? Well, Star Chart can help in either respect, as it provides all of the major constellations for you to see and explore as you glance upwards.

Even better, you can hop right up into space and examine every planet, as well as wield 3D stars in your hand and eye the little details. It even has Apollo 11 moon landing and Mars Curiosity rover experiences to take in, making this the perfect pick for outer space junkies.

Price: £3.99

Download Star Chart here from Oculus


Oculus Arcade

Go ahead, make the joke about buying a VR headset to play decades-old arcade and console games. Point taken. Still, given that the selection of full-fledged Gear VR games is still a bit slight, the ability to dig into a nice little stack of old-school games is pretty sweet indeed.

Oculus Arcade offers up more than 20 classics, including Sonic the Hedgehog, Pac-Man, and Galaga, and you can play 20 minutes of each for free – or buy any game outright for a couple of quid. They play well with a gamepad, and the futuristic arcade setting is kind of cool, albeit unnervingly empty.

Price: Free

Download Oculus Arcade here from Oculus

The Well

Damn, that's a pretty game. The Well hails from Left 4 Dead developer Turtle Rock Studios, although it shares little in common with that multiplayer masterpiece. Instead, The Well is a gorgeous dungeon crawling role-player that works surprisingly well in VR.

You'll need a controller for this one, as you move in first-person through the terrain in search of treasure and turn-based battles, with the fabulous fantasy aesthetic surrounding you all the while.

Price: US$4.99

Download The Well here from Oculus