The 25 best Samsung Gear VR games, apps and experiences

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Dark Days

A VR thriller that pairs puzzle-solving with mystery, Dark Days will have you feeling uneasy from the moment you fire up the game.

Set in a distinctly creepy motel, you'll search for the answers behind some rather unfortunate events and, while the gameplay itself isn't challenging to master, it's the story that will give you the jeepers.

Atmosphere is expertly crafted, with a cold-sweat blend of in-story events, narration and background music making Dark Days one that you'll want to play with the lights on.

Price: £5.99

Download Dark Days here from Oculus

Drop Dead

If you haven't played a zombie shooter in VR, have you even played VR at all? Thankfully, Drop Dead makes it addictively easy to get shooting, with its look-to-aim immersion and action-packed gameplay.

The green undead coming at your face might be thoroughly cartoonish, but that doesn't stop Drop Dead serving up its fair share of scares, not to mention a combat system that makes accuracy fun. Who doesn't love lopping off zombie body parts?

Price: £7.99

Download Drop Dead here from Oculus


Turn-based games might not seem like a prime candidate for the VR treatment, but give Skylight a go and you'll soon find it hard to return to the 2D equivalents.

Set on the deck of a spaceship, battles play out in neon 3D, with ships and squadrons hovering, moving and blasting before your eyes.

Gameplay itself is engaging enough, with 30 campaign missions to play through - though the full game costs US$4.99 to unlock - but it's the hologram-like interface that's really worth enjoying.

Price: Free

Download Skylight here from Oculus

Affected: The Manor

While developers continue to explore the possibilites of VR, the basic jump scare remains an obvious example of its make-believe-made-real tech - which is something Affected: The Manor knows well.

For anyone who's played the likes of Resident EvilAffected doesn't do much new as you creep around the archetypal haunted mansion setting.

All the same, its blend of terrifying torchlight exploration and randomised 'boo' moments make it a nerve-wracking way to play with your Gear VR.

Price: £2.29

Download Affected: The Manor here from Oculus

Ocean Rift

Eight pounds might seem a little steep for a game that literally involves looking at fish, but Ocean Rift is seriously immersive stuff.

With 12 habitats to swim through, there's no better demo for the striking power of VR than its sea-floor environments. Shoals will swim around your head, turtles will paddle beside you and, if you're lucky, dolphins might even turn up for a frolic.

It's fairly straightforward stuff, but with a whole variety of underwater creatures to meet and little touches to discover, this one's well worth a look.

Price: £7.99

Download Ocean Rift here from Oculus