The best music streaming services of 2018 - reviewed

Apple Music

Apple crumbles

As ever, Apple claimed it would change music forever with its new streaming service. But although peppered with good ideas, Apple Music proved to be buggy and a bit of a mess. Now, many months later… well, it’s still buggy and a bit of a mess.

On the desktop, Apple Music is welded to iTunes, and it takes over the bulk of Music on iOS. On Android, there’s a bespoke app, which makes an effort to fit in with Google’s way of designing things. We’ve had issues with Apple Music rampaging through an iTunes library like a deranged elephant, because we had the audacity to turn on iCloud Music Library and merge Apple Music with an existing collection. Not good.

And yet despite these gripes, we’ve spent many hours with Apple Music, because it gets one thing very right: the human connection.