The best music streaming services of 2018 - reviewed

Amazon Music Unlimited

2: Unlimited

Amazon Prime Music was Amazon’s first crack at a streaming music service, but was – and is – really a bolt-on to Prime, offering people ‘only’ a couple of million tracks. With Amazon Music Unlimited, you get 40 million, which at the very least matches rival services.

Apps for Amazon Music Unlimited are quite minimal in nature – which makes them feel a bit devoid of personality. More importantly, they’re lacking in personalisation. Although you’re served up recommendations based on what you’ve previously played and bought, discoverability is lacking compared to Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal.

The system fares better when it comes to usability. The interface on desktop and mobile alike is simple to use, the service is robust and reliable, and the sound quality matches its rivals – bar the lossless and MQA tiers of Tidal. Amazon also wisely resists the temptation to shove a shop in your face – on desktop, a store is restricted to a specific tab; it’s absent entirely on mobile.