The best music streaming services of 2018 - reviewed

Six streaming services serenade Stuff’s ears, but which will top the chart and be crowned winner of the music revolution?

It says something about the rapid evolution of digital music that Apple boasted it would put “1,000 songs in your pocket” with the original iPod. How very quaint that sounds now.

Today’s music listener wants pretty much everything ever recorded, on demand, on any device, for a smallish monthly outlay. Now hurry up with our damn croissants.

The tiny snag is that there’s only so much music to go round. And although some services state they’ve got the odd exclusive, most catalogues are broadly similar, making available over 30 million tracks for streaming.

This round-up is an attempt to find that elusive perfect mix tape of quality, range, elegance, recommendations and an absolute minimum amount of Phil Collins.