Best iPhone apps this week

Get the most out of Glastonbury, wine and zombies with our round-up of this week's best iPhone apps
Glastonbury 2013 app

From finding your way around muddy festival fields to learning more about wine and offing a few zombies, our round-up of this week's best iPhone apps has it all. 


MySpace (£free)

MySpace iOS app

MySpace is back, and it’s looking pretty promising if this app is anything to go by. Visually striking, you’re able to do all the regular managing of your social network you’d expect, and then some. Browse through other MySpacers with similar interests to you, create GIFs in-app for sharing on your profile and tune into the Social Radio feature. Your own personal radio station will be loaded with music you love, or alternatively you can see what your friends are listening to on their radio stations instead.

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Glastonbury 2013 (£free)

Glastonbury 2013 iPhone app

If you’re one of the lucky ones who has bagged tickets to the festival of the year, make sure you download EE’s ultimate companion app before you go. In it you’ll find a schedule with the ability to make your own personalised planner, an extensive, interactive map and plenty of regular news and updates from the festival team too. If you’re not making it down there this year – worry not! The Beeb will be streaming over 250 hours of live content to the app from six stages. Just add rain and mud and it’ll be like you’re actually there. 

Bridgy Jones (£0.69)

Train driver Bridgy Jones and his canine companion Bonner are on an epic journey together, driving their locomotive through woodlands, caves and over mountain ranges. That’s all well and good, except for the track they’re travelling on is questionable at best, and often just completely missing altogether. To get them safely across the various rivers, gorges and chasms that face them over 32 levels, you’ll have to think quick, choosing materials including planks, ropes and concrete blocks to build a sturdy path to support them. 

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Plonk (£free)

Plonk iOS app

If you’ve ever wanted to sound like a bit of a winey genius, Plonk is like a secret weapon in your pocket. Not only will it teach you a little more about the grapes and wines you already know you like, it will suggest new grapes to try based on your taste preferences. You can also find out what type of wine will go best with different types of food, and – crucially – hear the correct pronunciation so you don’t make a fool out of yourself.

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Dead Ahead (£free)

Dead Ahead iOS app

We’ll never get sick of a good zombie game, and that is what rounds off this week’s pick of the App Store. Chased by the pixelated undead, you have to find a vehicle and put as much distance between you and them as you can, ploughing down the hoardes as you go. If they get too close, it’s time to get trigger happy – though if you play it clever, you can trick them into topping themselves without having to lift a finger. Lots of fun, and of course, there are plenty of opportunities to pimp your ride and upgrade your weapons as you progress.