The best instant photography cameras - reviewed

Test winner: Lomo'Instant Automat (£179/$199)

What's the story?

Ditching digital and going instant doesn’t mean missing out on extras. With the Lomo’Instant Automat you get a box full of lenses - including wide angle, fisheye and macro options - plus a remote shutter and colour gels. 

The lens barrel twists to turn on the camera and adjust focus between close, mid and infinity, but otherwise that’s about it. You get a few more buttons around the back, letting you lighten or darken the exposure by one stop, turn the flash on, and snap multiple exposures per shot. 

Like most instant cameras, the Automat takes Fuji Instax film, which means you’re going to get credit-card sized snaps. Two packs of 10 shots will set you back around £15, which works out at about 75p per shot - slightly cheaper than the colour film Leica sells for the Sofort.