Star Chart VR (£4.79)

Want to see the stars? Well, you don't need a telescope… or the outdoors, for that matter. Just fire up the impressive Star Chart VR with your Daydream View and have a glimpse up at the virtual sky.

It'll show you all of the major constellations in the sky, letting you look closely and examine the stars that make up each shape. Better yet, you can hone in on each planet in our solar system for a close-up, and even explore the site of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing and a scene featuring the Mars Curiosity Rover. It's a space nerd's dream for only a few quid.

Download it here

Arcslinger (£7.49)

We've always wanted to be a gun-slinging cowboy ever since we fired our first spud gun, but for some reason, our Texan hotel owner didn't take too kindly to us shooting potatoes into the sky while scaring the locals.

Thankfully you can do whatever you like in VR, and blasting bad guys with a magical 6-shooter is a great way to relieve stress while living out our childhood cowboy dreams. 

You can't move around, so don't expect any CoD-like frantic-paced action, but the remote is surprisingly accurate, and there are plenty of powerups to keep you going in between waves.

Download it here

Google Spotlight Stories (£free)

Google has been gradually building its library of Spotlight Stories over the last few years, and if you haven't seen 'em, then you really should experience them in Daydream – some of them are pretty marvelous.

Essentially, they're 360-degree videos albeit with a light whiff of interactivity: the original stories progress all around you, but only continue once you look around to the next key action area. More critically, they're all super-beautiful original animated shorts, and a couple of these could even bring a tear to your eye. Try navigating that hazard with your phone on your face.

Download it here


Keep talking and nobody explodes (£9.99)

This aptly-named title is unique, in that it offers simultaneous multiplayer gaming with only one headset required.

How you ask? Well, one person wears a headset, and is presented with a randomly generated explosive device, with all sorts of puzzles, switches, knobs and levers to tinker with. The remaining headset-less people in the room have access to a freely-available manual, which contains all the instructions for diffusing the bomb. 

Communication between the headset wearer and their peers is, as you'd imagine, crucial. Throw a few drinks into the mix however, and it'll all go very wrong. Probably.

PS - cut the blue wire.

Download it here

YouTube VR (£free)

This app does pretty much exactly what you'd expect it to do - namely serve up all of YouTube's growing 360 content in one easy to navigate place.

Our favourites include the Natural History museum's Rhomaleosaurus exhibit video. It's one of those giant underwater dinosaurs with nasty-looking teeth, which comes to life before your very eyes, in a rather alarmingly realistic fashion.

Oh, and it's also worth checking out the close-encounter with a shark too. We're not sure why scaring ourselves with giant oceanic predators is fun, but it is.

Download it here