Mekorama VR (£3.79)

Take a dash of Monument Valley, add a cute little robot, season with VR magic, and you've got yourself this adorable little brain puzzler which sees you rotate levels and manipulate obstacles to lead a little mechanical fellow along a journey of exploration.

You can scan QR codes online for more levels too. Yes, they're still a thing. We just checked.

Download it here

Hunters Gate (£4.99)

We spent more time marvelling at the beautifully crafted level design in Hunters Gate than playing the actual game itself, thanks to its third-person view which gives you the impression that you're towering over a gigantic Warhammer-like tabletop game.

Stare too long though, and enemies will swarm you from all directions. Controls are simple - aiming at an enemy automatically fires projectiles at it, while clicking in the touchpad (which is also used to move around) releases a more powerful area-damage attack.

It can be a little tricky navigating with the touchpad at times, but overall this is well worth a play for the innovative controls and visuals alone.

Download it here

The Turning Forest (£free)

Kudos to the BBC for this original gem: The Turning Forest is a brief, 360-degree fairytale about a child who happens across an enormous, fantasy creature in the woods, and then they go on a bit of a surreal journey together.

It's fabulously gorgeous, with the layered autumn trees and leaves falling from above, plus the dazzling ride on the back of the beast. And like Google's Audio Factory, this one's a showcase for spatial audio – so be sure to strap on some headphones before embarking on this quest.

Download it here

Within (£free)

Within (formerly VRSE) has been one of the go-to VR video apps dating back to the Google Cardboard days (remember pizza box VR?), and it's still a worthy download with your Daydream device.

These days, Within is stocked with dozens of free 360-degree video experiences, letting you freely look around while immersed in content. There are music videos (Muse, U2), various documentary shorts, licensed experiences (The Walking Dead, Mr. Robot), and other odd little bits. They're not interactive, but many of the videos are compelling. It's well worth working your way through the library.

Download it here

Untethered (£4.79)

Not every intriguing Daydream game has to be an action-packed thrill ride – in fact, the curious Untethered is quite the opposite. You take the role of a radio DJ on his first day of a new gig, and you'll actually use the microphone to read scripts and interact with callers as you settle into the routine.

Over time, Untethered starts weaving a few story threads, and you begin to piece together the mystery around this odd Oregon town in the States. It's another one-of-a-kind game from the makers of the captivating That Dragon, Cancer, although it has something of a Firewatch vibe to the look and feel. And new episodes will be available within, each promising fresh characters and locations.

Download it here