The best Google Assistant compatible tech - tested

Feather your Nest with these goodies to harness the search giant’s data-crunching genius around the house

Google Assistant is Amazon Alexa's biggest rival, and that's because big G has the upper-hand when it comes to intelligence, drawing upon its rich search history.

We've pulled together a list of some of the most exciting gadgets Google Assistant has inhabited, ranging from an enormous fridge to a tiddly TV stick.  

Ok, Google, show me the list.

Nest Thermostat E (£199)

Combining minimalist style and AI, the Nest Learning Thermostat has long set the bar for smart heating. But it’s expensive. While the E is only £20 cheaper, you save a lot more by not needing expert installation. Some features are missing, but you can tweak the temperature from your phone and it will still auto-adjust depending on whether anyone’s in.

LIFX Clean (£17)

This smart bulb offers mood lighting that’s peak pandemic. With a few words to your voice assistant, you can have it blast your room with HEV (high energy visible) light, which kills nasties such as E.Coli. So without lifting a finger you can disinfect every surface and object. Currently only in the US, it’s awaiting approval over here.

Wyze Cam v3 ($24)

Successor to the hugely popular Wyze Cam v2, this one has the same 1080p resolution and two-way audio but gets a refreshed design with extreme weather protection in case you stick it outside, and twice as many infrared LEDs to improve its night vision. A materials shortage means demand is outstripping supply, so keep an eye out for stock.