Best Games Ever: the 20 greatest games of all time

5. Portal (2007)

One of the most imaginative, original games ever made, Portal delivers a hugely satisfying hit of humour and increasingly fiendish puzzle-solving without ever requiring you to fire a shot. 

4. Super Mario Kart (1992)

You can keep your hyper-realistic physics and your engine tuning. When it comes to having actual fun, nothing beats taking one of the definitive Mario Kart’s cheeky short cuts, picking off the leader with a red shell and power-sliding round the last corner. Unlike ‘proper’ driving games it’s an absolute piece of cake to get into, but you can spend years honing your skills on more advanced tracks like the spacefaring disco of Rainbow Road.

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3. Deus Ex (2000)

This first-person shooter tied up the best elements of an RPG - the kit bag, the customisable character, the big, explorable locations - with some of the best stealth play ever designed and the occasional burst of all-out mega-weapon combat. What made it really special, though, was the enormous and consistent attention to detail, with an enormous cast, a writhing plot and loads to read and watch an interfere with. It's like playing a Neal Stephenson novel.

2. Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time (1998)

The transition of big-name game franchises to 3D was no picnic, but Nintendo consistently aced it, with the likes of this and, of course, Super Mario 3D.