Best Games Ever: the 20 greatest games of all time

15. Street Fighter II (1991)


In many other forms of entertainment, it would be considered bad form to pit a young girl against a sumo wrestler in a fist fight, but this superb fighting game makes it not only fine, but a joyous celebration of thousand-hand slaps and helicopter kicks.

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14. Red Dead Redemption (2010)


Our favourite horse-based game of all time makes other ponies look rather inadequate. As with other Rockstar games, you can spend hours just driving around (although on a horse, this time, obviously), looking at the scenery and occasionally running someone over because hey, it’s only a game.

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13. Doom (1993)


It mastered POV play, but also brought an arcade-like thrill and speed to the rather austere, serious world of PC gaming. Plus it was a generation’s excuse to buy its first ever desktop.

12. Super Mario Bros (1985)


Invented a feel and style that would last until... Well, we’re still playing remakes that use the exact same elements on 3DS right now. Simple, fast and as complex as you wanted it.

11. The Last of Us (2013)


If the world as we know it does come to an end with most of the population turned into dangerous aggressors by a brain-controlling fungus, we hope that happens with the same well-paced and affecting panache as this excellent piece of storytelling.

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