The best cases for Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra

Temdan Heavy Duty case (£15.99)

Let’s be honest, you want to protect that Galaxy S20 Ultra with your life...or at the very least with a heavy-duty case. Luckily, Temdan has you covered with a case/screen protector hybrid. 

Get yours here for £15.99 

Anccer Colourful Series (£9.99)

Seriously sleek and stylish – available in multiple colours. Anccer’s entry onto this list is a cheap option that is super thin and really lets the phone’s design speak for itself. 

Get yours here for £9.99 

Samsung LED View Cover (£54)

Just because you want a wallet cover doesn’t mean you have to hide essential information. Samsung’s LED View Cover gives you a handy view of any essential information like notifications, time or any other custom additions you can put in alongside apps. 

Get yours here for £54 

tech21 Studio Design (£19.95)

tech21 is back with another case on this list - adding a pop of colour and a nice textured design to the back of your GS20 Ultra. Microbe-fighting makes for a hygenic case, along with the 8-foot protection. Plus for those environmentally conscious amongst us, this has been made from plant-based materials.

Get yours here for £19.95