The best cases for iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max

Protect your screen

That screen is massive, and scratching it will drive you to tears! Grab Invisible Shield’s Glass Elite Visionguard+ screen protector instead - maximum protection, plus an anti-microbial surface and blue light filter to keep those peepers safe at night. 

Greenwich Blake (£129)

You're going for the top of the line iPhone - dress it in the latest luxurious outfit like the Greenwich Blake. Using the finest leather and Alcantara you'd normally find in the upholstery of a Bentley supercar no less, this full folio case delivers serious style with full phone protection.

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Tech21 Evo Check ($39.95)

When it comes to something akin to the crown jewels in preciousness, and that’s where Tech21’s Evo Check comes in with this strong-yet-stylish design. Using microbe-reducing materials in its construction, alongside a strong bumper for 12ft drop protection and interchangeable buttons for that pop of colour, this will go well with any Pro max. 

Get yours here. 

Gear4 Wembley Palette (£24.99)

Sleek, strong and stylish. At least that’s what they say on the webpage – which when paired with their patented D3O material, we’re pretty confident fits the bill. Top protection without sacrificing the thickness of the phone itself. 

Get yours here. 

iPhone 12 Pro Max Clear Case (£49)

Don’t want to hide the premium design of your new iPhone? Go clear with Apple’s official case, which also shows off the ingenuity of its MagSafe connector – supporting a far easier wireless charging option and accessories like a wallet you snap on the back. 

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Totallee iPhone 12 Pro Max Case ($35)

Clear or matte, this is the slimmest option that means an uninterrupted 5G signal – plus it looks seriously stylish while maintaining a decent level of drop protection. 

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