The best cases for iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max

Protect your screen

Save yourself the heartbreak of a scratched screen! Grab Invisible Shield’s Glass Elite Visionguard+ screen protector - maximum protection, plus an anti-microbial surface and blue light filter to keep those peepers safe at night. 

Mous Limitless 3.0 ($54.99)

Emblazoned with speckled fabric, leather, wood or a carbon fibre texture, Mous' limitless case definitely brings a sense of style and class to your average phone case.

Plus it's tough. Like, really tough. Beyond the stylish nature of the design, patented Airoshock technology helps the case absorb any blows from any serious drops.

And it comes with its own form of Apple's MagSafe, meaning it can support a whole slew of handy accessories like a snap-on wireless charger or handy card wallet (like what we tested - just swipe over the image to see it yourself).

Get yours here.

Gear4 Crystal Palace (£29.99)

Love or hate the footie team, Crystal Palace is also the name of a seriously good case that both protects your phone while showing off its stunning colour with a clear material. Up to 13ft of drop protection makes this nice and strong for whatever you throw at it (don’t take that literally – please don’t throw your phone/throw things at your phone). 

Get yours here. 

Tech21 Evo Clear ($39.95)

Many of you don’t want to cover up your phone’s design with a case – we get that! May we suggest a clear option instead? Specifically, Tech21’s Evo Clear. Beyond it’s top drop protection and lips around the screen & camera, it comes with a UV filter to ensure your phone doesn’t discolour in sunlight. 

Get yours here. 

Totallee iPhone 12 Pro Case Clear ($35)

In the same size dimensions as the iPhone 12, you get access to this same great case we recommended for the pro-less model. 

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iPhone 12 Silicone Case (£49)

Apple’s own case with built-in magsafe to support a whole new slew of accessories. The outer silicone is great to the touch and the inside is microfiber cloth-coated to give your phone the 5-star treatment. 

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