The best cases for iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max

Protect your screen

Phone protection is not just about the back and the sides. It's also about probably the most important part of any smartphone - the screen!

Keep it safe with Mous' Hybrid Glass screen protector - maximum protection, plus an anti-microbial surface and blue light filter to keep those peepers safe at night. 

Nudient V3 (£25.90)

A triple layer of rubberised material makes the Nudient V3 seriously comfortable to the touch, with Scandi minimalism and the understated premium design adding just 0.75mm to the thickness – that's nothing. Plus, the soft inner fabric keeps your iPhone 12 nice and smug, and clear of scratches. 

Get yours here.

Tech21 Evo Tint ($39.95)

Sometimes, tints don’t work. They certainly didn’t on that Vauxhall Nova everyone's cousin owned and customised after watching The Fast & The Furious... Just mine? OK. 

But at other times, they add a nice subtle detail to the drop-dead gorgeous iPhone 12 colours. Plus, Tech21’s Evo Tint comes with 10m drop protection. 

Get yours here. 

Gear4 Hackney 5G Case (£34.99)

With that brand spanking new iPhone, you’re getting 5G data speeds. Insane, right? Well, the protective material of cases can actually interfere with the speed sometimes. That is why we love Gear4’s attention to this detail – using an updated version of their D3O material with what they call 5G Signal Plus technology. 

Get yours here. 

iPhone 12 Silicone Case (£49)

Apple’s official silicone case doesn’t just come with a great soft-to-the-touch surface and a soft microfibre inside to embrace your phone with svelte protection. There’s also a built-in magnet to make wireless charging connection so much simpler! 

Get yours here. 

Totallee iPhone 12 Case Clear ($35)

Super slim and transparent to not obscure the colour and design of that shiny new iPhone, Totallee have made a great case that packs protection and style into one package. 

Get yours here.