Best Android apps this week

Venture into the Forest of Doom and branch out with Vine, in the pick of the week's Android apps

This week's Android app offerings include Vine, ArtFlow for sktechers, Forest of Doom and more.


£Free Google Play

Piping hot off the app presses, Android users need no longer feel left out of the Vine revolution as the mini-video app makes the transition from iOS to Google Play. Capture and share six-second masterpieces of whatever you fancy, plus watch the Vines of other users for creative inspiration.

ArtFlow – Sketch, Paint, Draw

£Free Google Play

ArtFlow is one of a growing number of apps helping you to unleash your artistic creativity on your Android tablet, putting a whole host of brushes and tools at your fingertips, plus a handy undo button for when it all goes wrong. You can give the app a go for free – albeit with limited tools – then upgrade to the pro license if you like what you see, for access to the app’s full creative arsenal.

Camera 2

£1.99 Google Play

From the developers of the popular Paper Camera comes the appropriately named Camera 2, a real-time photo effects app grappling for a bit of the Instagram pie. Its effects are grouped into families, including Comic, Art, Lomo and Old Time so you can easily find the style you're looking for. Each effect is tweakable too, and can also be applied to video.

Forest of Doom

£3.99 Google Play

Nostalgia abounds with this entry – a virtual reproduction of Ian Livingstone's 80s gamebook classic, Forest of Doom. No more faffing about with pen, paper and dice now, though – the app does the hard work for you, with on-board auto-mapping, an auto-updated adventure sheet and automatic stat keeping. Even the physical dice have been replaced with a shake of your phone. And while the app has been brought bang up to date with new atmospheric visuals, you can return to the original artwork if you really want to reminisce. Now, if they'd just hurry up and do Robot Commando…


£Free Google Play

We can’t help it – we’re suckers for games with pixel art and matching retro soundtracks, and this little time-sapper ticks both boxes. Tilt your device to direct your chosen character as they bounce around the screen, killing evil robot bad guys and collecting coins as they go. Wait for the right time, when your slam meter is at its prime, and you can touch and hold to slam your character down, seriously crushing the enemy for extra points.