Amazon Prime Day 2018: best smart home deals

Your home may be lovely, but it ain't the smartest. Not yet anyway...

Once you start putting Smart Home tech in your house, it can be a little difficult to wean yourself off it. You'll start with a thermostat, and before you know it you've replaced every light in your home with a smart bulb. Thankfully, there are plenty of smart home deals as part of Amazon's Prime Day 2018, and we've picked out all the best ones to feed your addiction.

Hive Active Heating and Hot Water Thermostat with Professional Installation

If you're looking to start your Smart Home, then you could do far worse than this Hive kit, which includes everything you need to get up and running. A professional will come round and install the system in your existing boiler, then plug a control box into your router and drill the wall for the thermostat itself. From there, you’ll be able to control your heating and hot water from your mobile device or using your voice if you have an Amazon Echo speaker. And then you can start adding more Hive gear such as lights, sensors and cameras as you like.

Live: from 12:00 Mon 16 Jul until 23:59 Tue 17 Jul

Was: £249.00 | Now: £138.99 (-44%)

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Neato D5

Just a few years ago robot vacuum cleaners seemed like a device for rich people or slightly dodgy robot-lovers, now they’re cheap enough for the masses, like this Neato D5, which is less than £300 but is Apple Watch and Amazon Alexa compatible. You can schedule cleans to happen up to seven times a week, and Coverage Maps which allows you to see where your Neato robot has cleaned from your smart phone.

Live: from 12:00 Mon 16 Jul until 23:59 Tue 17 Jul

Was: £599.99 | Now: £299.99 (-50%)

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Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control

While we’re moving towards a future where we won’t need TV remotes anymore thanks to voice control, for now, it can still be a pain to control your TV, speakers, Sky box and media player with one remote. Enter the Logitech Harmony Elite. Simply tell it the model numbers of the devices you’re using and Logitech will figure out how to control them all. From there, you can either use the lovely, premium remote, or your smartphone, or Alexa to control them.

Live: from 12:00 Mon 16 Jul until 23:59 Tue 17 Jul

Was: £189.00 | Now: £129.99 | Saving 41%

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Philips Hue Starter Set + Echo Dot

We've loved Philips Hue ever since it was first released, but there's no doubt the Dutch company's connected lights cost a lot more than the energy saving bulbs you get down Ikea. Thankfully, this starter kit is actually something of a bargain at Amazon for Prime Day, thanks to the fact that you get an Echo Dot thrown in as part of the deal. You'll be telling Alexa to dim the lights to set the romantic mood in no time.

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Was: £89.88 | Now: £59.99

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TP-Link WiFi Smart Plug + Echo Dot

It's not the smartest of Smart Home gadgets, but a Smart Plug will at least give you a taste of home automation before you jump in and buy something like Hive (see above). This bundle is deliciously tempting -- TP-Link's WiFi doesn't require a hub at all, just access to your WiFi router, and it can be controlled using Alexa. So for just £40, you could be asking Alexa to turn off your bedside lamp when you go to bed, rather than flicking a switch, like a total chump.

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Was: £63.18 | Now: £39.99

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