8 things you need to know about the Apple iPad Pro

5. It's got a 10-hour battery life

A huge 12.9-inch screen should leave plenty of room for a whopping great battery in the Pro, and Apple claims it'll last for 10 hours. That's the same battery life as the iPad Air 2.

Given you can potentially do more with the Pro, like editing three 4K video streams at once, this sounds about right.

6. Don't worry, it's lightweight

As anyone who's ever had to lug around a laptop will attest, one of the best things about owning a tablet is that they're lightweight. Mercifully, this still stands for the iPad Pro, which weighs 0.71kg - that's significantly lighter than the 0.92kg 13in MacBook Air.

The Pro is 6.9mm thin too, which makes it only slightly thicker than the 6.1mm iPad Air 2. It should be fine to chuck in your rucksack and carry on the go.

7. There's a camera and Touch ID too

Unless your anti-social tendencies rank at 'psychopath' status, you probably won't be using its 8MP camera all that much. Maybe you'll want to the capture the scene of a really great conference call or that time you made the best accounts spreadsheet of all time. Still, it exists. Just please don't use it at a festival.

More usefully, the Pro comes with Touch ID too. As you well know, this means you can use your fingerprint to unlock it and pay for stuff using Apple Pay. It won't work at your local corner store, due to a lack of NFC, but you'll be able to grab gig tickets and the like through apps such as Dice.

Finally, the Pro comes with wireless internet as standard offering speds of up to 150Mbps LTE.

8. It’ll cost a fortune

So, the iPad Pro looks pretty good. But it’ll come at a price. A really quite high price. We’ve yet to see UK prices, but in the US, the cheapest version - Wi-Fi-only, 32GB - will set you back US$799. The 128GB Wi-Fi model will be US$949 and the 128GB LTE version will be US$1079. Add to that US$99 for the Pencil and US$169 for the keyboard and you could spend US$1347 on a tablet.

Given that US prices are normally converted to UK prices without much of a reduction, you’d better start saving up now.

If you do have the ready cash to buy one, well, you can’t: the iPad Pro will be released sometime in November. We’ll hopefully have some hands-on time with the Pro later today and will give you all the UK pricing as soon as we can.