7 top tips to make your food photos more mouth-watering

Photography Tip #5

Colours create life in your photos. It’s not just the colours of the food that make the difference. Be aware of the colours surrounding you. Breakfast foods tend towards warmer hues - sometimes a tad too bright, perhaps. Dial it down with duller colours to create that contrasting effect in the final shot. That, and the soft focus of the background, will bring more attention to your food.

Photography Tip #6

As much as possible, take your shots using natural light. By that, we mean daylight, if you’re sipping a cup of tea al fresco style. The warm hue from sunlight matches well with most food, thus shots won’t look overexposed. Also, instead of a soft background focus, switch it up a bit. Sometimes, aiming your focus at the background creates a much more dramatic effect in your photos that you expect. Especially so if you’re looking at the condensation on the cool drink on a hot afternoon.

Makes you wish you can just pick up that cup right out of the photo, doesn’t it?

Photography Tip #7

Arrangement matters. And we’re not talking about the food. While you can’t change the background, you can change where the food will appear. Also, feel free to move anything within your reach to match the setting. Cups, candles, lights. You’ll be surprised at how a slight change in the arrangement of a cup can create a larger-than-life effect on your final photo.