Shooting games

The best shooting game for iPhone and iPad: Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved

This is the kind of blaster you want to shove in the face of anyone who whines that mobile can’t do proper console games. As with previous entries in the Geometry Wars series, Dimensions Evolved is a twin-stick shooter where you face legions of lurid beasties intent on your destruction. Only this time, everything’s in 3D.

Rather than doing battle within flat arenas, Dimensions Evolved finds you fighting giant bosses across the walls of a huge cube flipping about in the void, or desperately trying to stay alive among swarms of enemies multiplying across the surface of a giant, lurching space peanut. It looks gorgeous, controls perfectly, has tons of content, and should only be avoided if you’re so much of a pacifist you can’t stomach the idea of shooting small neon spaceships.

Download Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved (£7.99)


This twin-stick shooter takes classic arcade title Asteroids and wraps it around gorgeous planetoids. The visuals are a treat, from the organic, spinning space rocks, to the pyrotechnics on display as your ship attempts to obliterate everything around it.

In the main arcade mode, you pit your thumbs against increasingly deranged aliens and planetoid construction (with lots of things to bang into). If you fancy something a touch more sedate, there are dozens of missions to work through. A bit more hardcore? Try survival mode – although chances are you won’t survive for long.

Download Darkside (£1.99)

The Bug Butcher

Scientists have got a lot to answer for, what with their creating massive genetic monsters. In The Bug Butcher, most have apparently answered by being devoured by said horrors, which happen to have huge teeth; but one hapless survivor remains, which you must protect by shooting ALL THE THINGS. (Except for the scientist.)

You therefore scoot back and forth, blasting bouncing foes, which squelch and split, while keeping a beady eye on the ceiling for scientist-snaring spiders. It all comes across a bit like a mash-up of Pong and Space Invaders, but with scrolling, modern cartoon visuals, and snarky dialogue. And although the slightly banana-thumb controls betray its origins on a platform with ‘real controls’, this is still very much a satisfying iOS blaster.

Download The Bug Butcher (£2.99)

Tanks! - Seek & Destroy

Formerly known as Panzerkampf 3, Tanks! - Seek & Destroy now has a far more sensible name to match its no-nonsense gameplay.

You’re essentially dumped in a sparse vector landscape, and charged with blowing away endless hordes of tanks. Visually, the game echoes arcade classic Battlezone, but the controls are reminiscent of a racer’s, and the frenetic, breakneck gameplay offers the relentless intensity of the most vicious modern shooters.

Multiple modes and power-ups add a little depth, but mostly this is about speeding about and blowing things up with your rage face on.

Download Tanks! - Seek & Destroy (£2.29)