The 40 best iPhone and iPad apps money can buy

The best art and design apps for iPhone and iPad

Affinity Photo: best iPad pro image editor

Having taken on Adobe on the desktop, Serif’s now launched itself at the iPad with Affinity Photo. The app’s a full-fledged image editor for iPad, marrying the features of the desktop version with the touchscreen and Pencil smarts of Apple’s tablet.

On an iPad Pro in particular, you get a fast, immersive, tactile experience, whether fiddling with adjustment layers or smushing live effects with your fingers. Like Graphic (see later), this doesn’t seem like a cut-down take on desktop fare – this is desktop-quality software but with an eye on the future rather than the past.

Buy Affinity Photo (£19.99)

Pixelmator: best iOS consumer image editor

On the Mac, Pixelmator is more or less a modern-day take on how Photoshop was before it got really complicated. On iOS, the app if anything betters its desktop sibling in terms of immediacy and usability.

Pros may grumble about the odd ‘missing’ feature, but for five quid, Pixelmator is an astonishingly feature-packed app. You get layers, all of the usual adjustment and editing options, a ton of impressive photographic filters, and some fun painting tools.

Whether you’re making subtle edits to photos or creating a bespoke digital masterpiece from scratch, Pixelmator does the business.

Buy Pixelmator (£4.99)

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SKRWT: best iOS photo correction app

SKRWT’s developers call their app the ‘missing link in high-end smartphone photography’. It’s designed to deal with distorted lines created by the wide-angle lens in modern mobile phones.

So, yes, this is an app for straightening things out. You correct perspective and lens distortion, and can auto-crop to speed things along. The tools are straightforward but powerful, and although other apps can do similar things, none match SKRWT’s efficiency.

Two further mini-apps are bundled: MRRW is all about high-precision mirror effects, and 4PNTS is an elegant app for four-points correction. No word on why the developers hate vowels so much, though.

Buy SKRWT (£1.99)

Mextures: best iOS photo filters app

As iPhone cameras become increasingly powerful, you get higher quality and more detailed photos. But there’s a sense the character within photography is being lost – a problem Mextures aims to resolve.

The app includes some editing tools, but is mostly of interest for its selection of textures. Elements include film scans, grunge and gradients, all of which can be added and experimented with in a non-destructive manner using a robust layers system.

If you create something amazing, share your ‘formula’ with the Mextures community. Feeling lazy? Just grab a particularly dazzling formula someone else has uploaded.

Buy Mixtures (£1.99)

Typorama: best app for adding text to photos

Loads of apps can slap text over photos, but Typorama has artistry. Rather than you having to juggle dozens of fonts, you select designs. Not keen on what Typorama does to your text? Tap the design again for a variation, or choose something new.

For those who want to get more creative, there are additional features: opacity controls; shadows; gradients; erasers; 3D rotation. You can also add multiple text blocks, to turn your photos into an explosion in a typography factory.

For free, you get the entire app, but forced watermarks. A one-off premium IAP removes those and unlocks extra styles, and you get four quid off if upgrading within the first six hours – so don’t hang about testing the app!

Download Typorama (free + £9.99 IAP)