Strategy and word games

Crying Suns (£7.99)

Think things have gone wrong in the real world? That’s nothing compared to Crying Suns, which has just suffered societal collapse on an intergalactic level. Fortunately, you’re around to try and set things right.

With more than a whiff of FTL about its mix of busywork, strategy and kicking enemy faces off, Crying Suns has you Picard it up in your spaceship, making all the important decisions about management, exploration and real-time tactical pew-pew battles.

Where Crying Sun differentiates itself from its contemporaries is in its strong sense of narrative. Each run is different, but played across a chapter-based set-up that becomes increasingly familiar. Yet rather than a smattering of repetition becoming tedious, it instead helps you further understand what caused the disaster at the game’s heart – and devise strategies to emerge victorious.

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Civilization VI (£free + IAP)

No proper games on mobile? Civ VI blasts that notion to smithereens – assuming you’ve researched the relevant tech, of course. Yep, this is the full PC classic on your phone, having you take over the world in a turn-based manner.

As ever, you can opt to build your empire and defeat your foes through sending your people to the stars, or just through giving everyone else a thorough kicking. This is deep stuff, mind, with loads to do, details to dig into, and expansions to splurge on.

You get 60 turns for free, and then must pay to unlock the main game. There are regular sales, note, and so this full-fat strategy classic often costs as little as as tenner.

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Kingdom Two Crowns (£9.49)

Everything’s grand on your little island. You trot about on horseback, lobbing coins at peasants, who then do your bidding. They build castle walls and do a spot of farming. Life is good. Until night falls – because that’s when the Greed come out.

These nasty critters blaze in from portals, relentlessly attacking your fortress and making off with goodies. And if they nab your crown, your reign’s over. Still, you can at then have another crack (as your heir), and gradually work towards defeating the Greed once and for all, in this intoxicating mash-up of real-time strategy and gorgeous pixel art.

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